At this time in the Heraklion port area a series of
 important projects are programmed aiming at the
 improvement and expansion of the port.

 Specifically,studies are being done or programmed
 which are conducted by private companies or people
 of our public services.


 1) Study for the development of the port.It is a study with technical-
 financial and organisational purpose that aims at studying the
 possibilities of developments of the port and the proper way for its 
 organisation and functioning in the future.

 2) Study for the construction of a new runway at the airport of Heraklion.
 It involves the airport of Heraklion,which will have a new runway for 
 landings and take-offs that will relieve the already very busy airport of 
 but,indirectly,the port of Heraklion as well,since the new under 
 construction runway (it has been named "slanted" because of its position
 in relation to the coast) will be built for the most part inside the sea 
 and will function as a new buffer and will give the port a new additional
 port basin and approximately 1500 meters of new dock.

 3) Study for the construction of fishing ports on the little island that 
 is located opposite Heraklion and in other seaside areas of the precinct
 (Linoperamata,Kokinos Pyrgos,Arvi,etc.).

 4) Study for the construction of a
 new passenger station that is about
 the building of a new passenger 
 station for the convenience of the
 tourists who pass from Heraklion
 port, with an estimated cost of 1 bn
 drachmae (it is already sponsored by

 5) Study for the rearrangement of an
 old building that is about an old 
 five floor building that was used as
 a refrigerator and is at a very vital
 point of the port,into a modern building of shops,offices and recreational 
 installations (estimated cost 1 bn drachmae).


 1) Construction of a station for passengers arriving from abroad of an 
 estimated cost of 1bn drachmae.It is about a very modern passenger 
 station,according to specific studies that has already been under the 
 sponsorship of INTEREG II and will be auctioned soon.

 2) Transformation of an existing old building totaling 4000M2 into a
 shopping center,with offices for touristic and shipping companies of an 
 estimated cost of 1bn drachmae.

 This building is located in a central place of the port ,from where there 
 will be surveillance and visual contact with every part of the port.
 There is already a ready study and we are going towards the final step
 of auctioning.

 3) Electrical illumination with 35m illuminating pylons
 for illuminating the places of work in all parts of the
 port and a telephone network.

 4) Construction of a marina of 250 places within the
 existing port which, in combination with the above
 mentioned building (no.2),will create an important point
 of function and exploitation.