The port of Heraklion has an important independent
 activity of its own, which,however,is not enough to give
 it a wider role in the Mediterranean area and in inter-
 national transportation. The limitations of the port are
 defined by the consummatory and productive capabilities
 of the Cretan population.No doubt,there are possibilities
 for the increase of the productive capabilities in the
 raw material sector as well as in the industry that will
 affect the bulk of exports.
 The perspective for the expected development of the
 consummatory activities of the island is relevant and in this respect the 
 role of the port is limited and marginal,unless its privileged position,in 
 the sea transportation business is taken advantage of,and its activities
 in transportational trade are extended.To this end,the port of Heraklion 
 accidentally has great potential in servicing modern craft as far as the
 port infrastructure facilities are concerned but lacks in administrative 
 organisation ,legal infrastructure and mechanical equipment.

 Therefore,the port has great possibilities to play an important role in
 international transportation due to its geographic position and its 
 existing infrastructure,as well as because of the technological 
 developments in the sector of transportation.It can be a joint for further 
 promotion of trade to secondary routes,with transformation of the products
 from ships of modern technology ,capability and range of transportation to
 smaller,traditional or not,middle or short range,ships for the 
 Mediterranean ports. 

 This policy will aim at offering services to the mutual interest of the 
 parts involved in main sectors like : 

 a) Functioning of the free zone of goods
 for repackaging,storaging,etc., from main
 to secondary lines.

 b) Provision of technical structure for
 the transformation of goods from big to
 small craft (vessels) and vice versa with-
 out delay or damage.

 c) Taking of a complementary role to other
 ports of the area that suffer either from
 seasonal over gathering of loads (Piraeus)
 or lack the possibilities for adaptation
 to the contemporary developments of
 sea transportation.

 d) State agreements for the ease of
 transportation with countries of state

 e) Attracting the interest of big trans-
 portation companies with well calculated 
 motives depending on various rewards.

 The development of the port of Heraklion will depend on factors that can
 be defined by correct programming and other non defined factors.In the 
 latter,the international political situation is included,the energy policy 
 of oil producng countries,and the financial instability that is evident 
 and very flexible in our area.

 Separating the problem from all these factors that are a common risk for 
 all developing ports,the orientation that is given the port of Heraklion 
 is towards the international transportation and transportational commerce.