In Local Terms

 The Port of Heraklion is very receptive for developments 
 and to this effect we mention :

 a) Its location on the island that is halfway between 
 the centers of economic and transportational activities.
 b) Its placement on the road system of the island.It is in the middle of 
 the main highway system of the island (Kastelli of Kissamos-Siteia)
 and at the start of the Heraklion-Tympaki highway,that constitute the
 basic traffic system of the island and the spinal cord of road 

 c) The lack of a railway system and the impossible of its construction due 
 to the morphology of the terrain of the island that entails great 
 difficulty in long distance transportations e.g.Messara - Hania or Siteia.
 d) The dynamic immediate mainland which is the richest of Crete and the 
 one that has big potential in development in all sectors,agricultural 
 (Messara),industrial (Heraklion),and touristic (Malia).
 e) The lack of competitive ports on the island and the incapacity of
 constructing contemporary port facilities.
 Souda is situated in a remote place with limited possibilities for 
 development from its immediate mainl and and with additional limitations
 that exist due to the naval base.

 The other ports have a different destination and it is impossible to

 On National Scale
 The Port of Heraklion plays an
 important role in the sector of sea   
 transportations,exports,tourism and
 travel.It is not rivalled by other 
 national ports and it serves purposes
 that are unable to be achieved by 
 other means.Additionally,with the 
 regular ferryboat lines it is a 
 necessary junction on the extension
 of the national highway system 
 Salonica - Athens- Heraklion.

 On International Scale 
 The Port of Heraklion plays for the time being a secondary role because of 
 the small rates of business,as a result of its limited mainland 
 (approximately 3/4 of Crete),which is the main reason for this.Beyond this
 disadvantage there are certain advantages like :

 a) Its placement on the section of the international navigational lines 
 that connect America - South Europe - Middle East - North Africa - Balkans 
 countries of the Black Sea - South Russia.

 b) The important place that it has as far as the most important 
 tranrportational centers of the eastern basin of the Mediterranean and the 
 Black Sea are concerned,they have circular position (around Heraklion) 
 with a possibility of immediate conect ion without deviations.
 c) The existing of a small but very dynamic immediate mainland with 
 increased export trade,important touristic infrastructure and with the fast
 developing city of Heraklion that can support activities in the wider area
 of transportations not only concerning the bulk of the goods and 
 passengers but also regarding the number of a wide range of facilities
 relative torepairs,transformations,resupply,managing and,generally 
 speaking,facilities of any kind.

 d) The existing port infrastructure facilities that can
 be put to use immediately without long term programming
 and big capital investment. This advantage is very 
 important due to the change of the strategy in trans-
 porting that imposes the establishment,in short time,
 of a port of the area as a transportational trade center. 
 e) The possibility of extending the port facilities in
 combination with other basic infrastructure works(slanted 
 airport runway) that will create proper ground for expan-
 sion in the shipbuilding sector,transformation,etc., in
 which case additional ground areas will be added.
 f) The immediate contact with the airport facilities that can create 
 development factors in the area of combined transportation.