The Port of Heraklion today is equipped with a wide range of mechanical
 equipment including stationary dock cranes but lacks in specialized 
 equipment for the (un)loading on land and storage and there is no 
 specialized maintenance and repairs personnel for the support of the 
 above mentioned machines.

 Today at the port there are the following machines :

 1)7 electric cranes.1 of 45 ton capacity,2 of 12,50 ton capacity and 4 
     of 6,3 ton capacity
 2)1 container carrier with a capacity of 32 tons
 3)5 small

 4)1 moving crane (truck) of a capacity of 
    50 tons

 5)1 mechanical sweeper

 6)1 personel lifting machine

 7)1 small loader of a capacity of 600 kgs

 8)2 truck scales

 9)1 truck of a capacity of 1 ton

 10)1 reach stacker crane for containers 20'-40'
 of a lifting capacity of 40 tons