The port of Heraklion is a built (constructed) port
 that has been built at the expense of the sea,with
 the building of exterior port constructions,that is 
 the construction of two vertical between them port
 arms,2390 M and 318 M respectively.With these,
 three port basins have been created with a water 
 surface of 827000 M2, with useful depths of -4,00,
 -8,00 and 10,00 M.
 The interior facilities consist of 3 main docks (I,II,III) in a 
 comb-like arrangement that are complemented with the inside pier 
 Today the following with the corresponding useful depths are in
 use : 847 M at -2,00,and -4,00 M,367 M at -6,00 M,424 M at -8,00 M,
 376 M at -9,50,1544 M at -10,00 M and 542 M at -12,40 M,that is 
 and in two years' time the new pier IV will be ready with lengths
 of 900 meters in depths down to 14.50 meters

 b)Dry land

 They extend at 455.000M2 in all and
 of these 272.935 M2 are Customs
 House Control areas and 182.108 M2 are
 public areas (roads,squares,green,etc.)
 that is 115 M2 per meter of the length 
 of the pier, which is good for Greek 
 but poor for international standards.
 With the new pier (under construction)
 120.000 M2 of  dry land will be added. 

 c)Other Facillities

 They include the buildings of the Port Collection Bureau of the
 Customs,the Port Authority,the building of the Dock Workers
 (Longshoremen bulding),the building of yachts (marina),the
 Refrigerators,the building/offices of the XEKTE company that is
 under the jurisdiction of the Port Collection Bureau,the new 
 warehouse made of concrete,pier III 2.002 M2,the metallic
 warehouse (1000 M2),the prefabricated building of the 
 Alien/ Immigration Police,the new building of the port Fire
 Station,as well as the new prefabricated building of receiving
 passengers from abroad and duty free shop,the water reservoir,
 the building of the truck scales,the buildings of two electrical
 power stations on docks III and VI,and the under construction
 building of the Customs House that is located south of the port
 and which will be finished by the end of the current year.

 The total surface of the above mentioned buildings
 is 13.172 M2. Besides the above mentioned buildings there
 are also the installations of the BP fuel reservoirs with 
 a surface of 12.000 M2, with a storaging capacity of 4.040 
 tons of diesel derivatives,which upon termination of the 
 long term lease (February 1988) have passed under the
 possession of the Port Collection Bureau. 

 There are 4 electrical power stations (380/220 volts) with
 a capability of 2.000,500,and 250 KVA respectively, with
 underground power supply systems.There is also an 
 equation tank of 450 M3 and a pier water supply system.
 The use of a system for telephone lines for all the piers with an 
 adequate number of sockets on every pier as well as in the
 Venetian port is under discussion with the Greek 
 Telecommunications Organization (O.T.E.) .