The port of Heraklion,in relation to its geographic 
 placement and the established international
 navigational lines,is located on a privileged

 Crete is situated in the center of the eastern part 
 of the Mediterranean basin,on the section of the 
 international navigational line Gibraltar-Suez-Black
 Heraklion and its port is in the middle of the north coast of Crete,
 where the most important cities,and the biggest part of financial 
 and all of transportational activities have developed. 

 The most important activity center is Heraklion and the basic 
 transportational port of the island is the port of Heraklion.

 In the environmental placement of the Greek ports Heraklion deviates 
 from the policy that has been followed on the Greek Mainland ports that 
 have been placedalong the east and west coast,relatively close to each 
 other,with road and railway links,and with mutual support and competition
 that has been extended to these ports and to the road transportation.