The development of the port of Heraklion followed the general
 developent of the ports with some differences that were 
 imposed by political and military correlations and influences,
 and was the result of the interest shown because of the 
 privileged place of Crete on the eastern side of the
 Mediterranean basin and the special place of Heraklion on 
 the island.
 In the Minoan times there was much activity on what is today the east 
 side basin of the port where the mouth of the Selamianos river is located, 
 with indications,on the land,of a commercial center for transactions,one
 of its like existing at the mouth of Karteros river,that went even deeper 
 into the mainland extending up to the Knossos area.

 Later on,in the Greek and Roman times,the interest was moved to other
 places and,especially,to Hersonissos until and during the Byzantine
 years,when during the reign of Nikiforos Fokas,there is a port functioning 
 at Dermatas bay between Xenia Hotel and the Heraklion Fruitmarket.

 The Venetians moved the Heraklion 
 port where it is today,where,taking 
 advantage of a line of underwater
 rocks,constructed the (today called) 
 Venetian port,which at the time of
 its construction,was a really big
 port, well-built and protected,with 
 docking facilities, service,resupply
 and repair possibilities;due to all
 these the port became an important
 Mediterranean center.

 During the Turkish occupation,
 there was no extension of the port .
 Only the damages suffered during the long siege of the city were repaired.

 With the liberation and the declaration of the Cretan State,
 the study for the construction of a new port which could
 cope with the increased demands that had in the meantime
 appeared,was given to French engineers (QUELLENEC).
 This initiative was supported by the public and the early
 expenses were covered by contributions donated by the
 people of Heraklion.