Medical specialization in Greece is a major problem concerning the way a young doctor (physician), is accepted in the specialty program. You see the only thing he has to do is just apply for the position (application in health ministry) and enter the waiting list! After some years (while he / she is unemployed ) his turn comes and he enters the program! Lets suppose that one morning you wake up and decide to become a cardiothoracic surgeon. Well you will surely become, because there are not any selection criteria (exams / interviews and the like), there is only the waiting list! So it does not matter if you were excellent student in your medical school or if you just graduated from Uganda, its all the same to our ministry of health, just wait....and your dreams will come truth! Now imagine the situation when the list contains an enormous number of doctors (people who graduated in Greece, people who graduated abroad-and I do not mean USA..... but east Europe the most- people who graduated in Greece but joined the Greek university after having studied the first years in the above countries etc.).

And of course you can imagine the situation in Greek hospitals.........

What is the reply of the state to the above protest? NONE!!!!! That is Greece... the country of "democracy"and "freedom". People who feel the same with me please mail.