The home of MagiCNet

Here is my port of MiNTNet to MagiC. Despite the sometimes huge differences between MagiC and MiNT
the port was not too hard to be done and the compatibility is high. Of course talking about compatibility,
I mean on the 'sockets' level, not at kernels level. This means that programs using MiNT-only features need
recompiling, others that are based on the sockets library are binary compatible (eg aMail, aFTP).
Developers should check this page.
04 Nov 2001: MagiCNet's serial ports handling is now compatible with MagiC 6.20, please use all
programs/drivers from the new distribution.
08 May 2001: MagiCNet now passes a MiNT compatible kernel structure to the loadable interfaces,
most ethernet drivers should work now by just renaming them to <driver>.MIF. Feedback is highly
welcomed since I don't have the hardware to test all of them.
MagiCNet downloads
  Program Version Size Comments
MagiCNet (full) 1.3.9b 230 KB The full archive (driver, MIFs, tools, config, /etc files, cab.ovl, aFTP patch)
  NetConfig     The tool to read or configure MagiCNet/MiNTNet settings (pics)
pppd_GEM 1.00b 98 KB  ppp daemon and chat, both under a small GEM interface.

Connect to your ISP or local computer using PAP, CHAP or m$-chap.

  FTP Server 1.09a 43 KB FTP Server for MagiCNet and MiNTNet (a small patch)
  BNeT 3.03b 37 KB BNeT network for MagiCNet ( MiNTNet server only)
  SAMBA client 1.00b 99 KB An ftp like client that allows your ATARI to connect to any SAMBA
compatible server, ie to win95/98, NT, Linux and other OSes.
  RTL8012.XIF 1.3 4 KB RTL8012 ethernet driver for MiNTNet (for the ROM port interface)
  I-Conn_emu 1.00 16 KB I-Connect gateway for MagiCNet and MiNTNet. Coming soon :-)
  glueSTiK 0.14 18 KB The glueSTiK redirector (MiNTNet version ported to MagiCNet)
  Drac_emu 0.21b 15 KB The Draconis gateway (MiNTNet version ported to MagiCNet)
        MagiCNet's update area
There are many people to thank for their support for our platform but for this project special thanks should go
to the following:
Kay Roemer: For the initial BSD port to MiNT.
Peter West: For translating MagiC docs to english.
Henk Robbers: For the great TTDigger.
Please e-mail me with your comments, bug reports etc.
Last revised: 09 Nov 2001