MagiCNet developer's notes

Developers using gcc for MiNT and MagiC development should have no problem
writting MagiCNet compatible applications. One thing I'd suggest is to modify your
NETDB.H file to use u:\\etc\\<etc_file> instead of /etc/<etc_file>, this way MagiC
users will not have to run programs that need /etc/files from their U: drive.
For driver development (XIFs, MIFs) there is now a 'fake' MiNT kernel passed
to the drivers which supports some MiNT calls as if it was the MiNT kernel.
Needless to say care should be taken when making such calls, staying with what
current ethernet drivers use, can be considered safe.
There is also the posibility to 'relocate' the MagiC kernel (I mean the kernel structure
that we pass to the drivers) and thus make them almost 100% compatible.
I'm open to suggestions on this subject. (well, I was, it has been done :-)
Pure C users, please download the archive below and read the readme.txt file for
further info.
Pure C development kit ( 71 KB) (Updated!)
Sources for the whole project will be available here soon ( a cleanup is needed).


Last revised: 09 Nov 2001