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Current Projects

MiNTNet goes MagiC !
Do we need yet another stack ? No, if its only use is connecting to the Internet with a modem.
But what about compatibility with 'sockets' on other systems, the already existing MiNTNet
and a huge collection of software and protocols that can be easily ported ?
May 8 2001
Most MiNTNet drivers can now be used by just renaming them!
Jul 04 2001 
MagiCNet 1.3.7b, SAMBA client, Draconis and glueSTiK gateways..
Nov 04 2001
MagiCNet 1.3.9b, now MagiC 6.20 compatible, pppd_GEM.
Go to MagiCNet page...
FTP Server v 1.09
My FTP Server for STinG, STiK, GlueSTiK now updated ! It supports wildcards for long and TOS
filenames, full support of links, ability to log-off unwanted users, better logs, hack protection and more,
but most important, it now shows correct directory listings thanks to the corrected TCP STinG module.
v 1.07 feautures faster downloads!
v 1.08 Y2K fixes, new options, STinG and MagiCNet /MiNTNet versions.
v 1.09 Much faster for STinG, a bit faster for MagiCNet/MiNTNet.
Download FTP Server (STinG version)
BNeT v 3.03
What ? you don't have more than one ATARI ? Maybe an ATARI and a computer called a PC ?
Or lucky enough to own a Macintosh and MagiC Mac ?
If no, then skip this. If yes, install MagiC and STinG on your systems and get connected through a
full feautured network. It runs on plain (Single) TOS and MagiC and you can share drives, files and
printers. Compatible even with Gemulator!
v 2.07 remote directories are readen much faster!
v 3.0x Faster! Speed is now close to the theoretical limit of the device used. Bug fixes.
STinG and MagiCNet versions available.

Download BNeT 3 (STinG version)

Ethernet Driver v 1.06
An Ethernet driver for pocket adapters. Find out more!
RSC_TRAN v 1.03
A small tool that helps the heroes that dare to translate resources! It makes the whole process
an ascii editing task. Now with field overflow detection. Fixed a buffer overrun.
Download RSC_TRAN
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Ronald Andersson's Page
STinG's release (v 1.26) is located in this page, plus some other programs and utilities.
Assembler programmers: Do not miss Ronald's great Devpac libraries.
The place for constantly updated ATARI infos.
Olivier's Homepage
Many useful programs for STinG incuding Olivier's excellent WebLight and CAB.OVL.
Hallvard's Atari-launchpad
Thousands of useful links and info for most ATARI related subjects.
Emulators, Inc.
Emulators of course and one of the best articles about processors and Pentium 4 disaster.

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