The Steam Roller of Leonidion is a BTD 4 NPH model of 1914 made in England (Kent Rochester) by Aveling & Porter. Consultant of restoration: Derek Rayner C. Eng. M.I. Mech.E. Vice Chairman and Archivist -Road Roller Association U.K.
We thank Derek Rayner and the RRA for their assistance.

The restoration comitee of Leonidion's Steamroller

Philip Bekyros
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Greece is renowned throughout the world for its ancient heritage: everywhere we look we can see the remains of our ancestors' civilisation, which are preserved and carefully guarded by the State, Furthermore as citizens, we should be watchful and protect these artefacts from those who would wish to traffic in them,.. continued in The story
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Old Glory
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Derek Rayner visits Leonidion on 9-10-2014

The Steamroller of Leonidion

The steamroller of Leonidion