Marie Yates was one of ninety collaborators commissioned by Matt's Gallery, London to contribute a film to "TAPS: Improvisations with Paul Burwell".

Marie Yates has said "In recollecting Paul Burwell (who I first met over forty years ago) through my recent reworking of light, sound and image in video, I remembered the unsettling effects of his angry and subversive soundscapes, and his pleasure and infectious delight in being up-anchor, off-shore, in exile to the darkness of our times, whenever he could manage it."

"Video photomontage is a fluid space in which patterns of sound and image create a new kind of reflection, where the most private of identifications and the most public of images can be conjugated together - the effect of this montage can show through its' discontinuous modes of presentation visions of things that might be right at the limits of comprehension."*

TAPS: Improvisations with Paul Burwell, 2010, (who died in 2007) was realised by Anne Bean, Robin Klassnik and Richard Wilson in comemoration of his prolific practice.

Over the course of three days TAPS combined film, installation and performance, portraying layers of interpretation from more than 80 invited collaborators, in response to Burwells poem -Adventures in the House of Memory. The poem arose from improvisations by Anne Bean and Paul Burwell in preparation for William Burroughs Final Academy at Ritzy, London in 1982, where improvised words were written on huge sheets of flash paper which were ignited as they were sung.

The poem was the last recorded Burwell work two months before he died in 2007. A publication with an essay by David Toop and drawings by Paul McCarthy, was published by Matts Gallery.

* J-L Godard

Still images from Far Calls 2009 ( 5.38 1920x1080)



Far Calls 2009