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Replace reed switch at rain gauge
Because i had false rain readings at my meteo station console,days without rain i had suddenly some little false mm rainfall 0,3 mm ,before i replaced the reed switch i put a piece heavy aluminium over to one side of tiping bucket,for to i am sure this not move to the other side ,from a strong wind or some vibration,i replaced the reed switch in my rain gauge La-crosse 2300.The gold plating at reed switch maybe falling off and causing a trembling contact,for this reason i had sometimes little false rain readings at days with out clouds in the sky, and with low level humidity.It is better to put silicone over to contacts (last picture)because at days with high level humidity , spiders can to walk over there and console it show false rain readings.

There are differents types reed switch ,it is glass tube ,and can to change it with soldering iron ,there are here to Greece many of them with differend size, must to put again the same size of it,and must put it upside down well like the original. Here i put out from the case the PCB with over it
there is the reed switch
I buy one new reed switch at same side like old reed switch,with this details:Switching Capacity: 10 W/VA Max. Switching Voltage: 150 Vac/dc Max. Switching Current: 0.5 A Max. Glass L: 0.55in (14.1mm) Dia: 0.09in (2.3mm)
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Here is the new left side and the old reed switch the right side After i do a corner at little before at the end of wire,at new reed switch left ,but i be careful to put over the PCB the new reed switch,as was also and the old reed switch over to PCB . I looked at carefuly inside to glass the switch on-off to is at the same side like before at old reed switch Here i have put the new reed switch in the PCB, with soldering iron, and after i will cut the end of wire from it
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Here is already the new reed switch over to PCB And after i put the PCB in the case at rain gauge, and i do a test for to see if the new reed switch work fine ,i see the volts is 3 VDC at the side at reed switch like before ,after i pull the tiping bucket from the other side for to see when the magnetic pass front from the reed switch, the reed switch cut the voltage and then instand ,the rain gauge sent this signal at remote thermo/hygro sensor and after this to console.And finally all is fine After i put warm silicone over to contacts ,for to not go over there spiders or others like it ,and it make short circuit and it show at console false rain readings.Because it is possible at rainy days after to stop the rain ,inside spiders to walk over to contacts and with the high level humidity ,console can it say false rain readings
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