Location: Peristeri of Athens, Greece
Position: 38 00.58' NORTH / 23 42.04' EAST
Elevation: 63 meters
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The types of clouds.
Low clouds: cumulus,stratus,stratocumulus,nimbostratus. The region of low clouds-cloud bases between land surface and 7000ft [0-2km].
Medium clouds: altocumulus,altostratus. The region of medium clouds-cloud bases between 7000ft and 25000ft [2-8km].
High clouds: cirrus,cirrocumulus,cirrostratus,cumulonimbus. The region of high clouds-cloud bases between 16000ft and 45000ft [5-13km].

Cirrus,usually if barometer fall and the cirrus thicken,then will be waiting to pass a warm frond Cirrostratus,the same with cirrus and if we see cirrostratus then there is rain away from us it is high cloud Cirrocumulus,It bring bad weather after 24-72 hours ,with low pressure system it is high cloud
Altostratus,If there altostratus in the sky,then will be waiting to pass a low pressure.It is sure forecast for rain,or snow and wind,it is medium cloud Altocumulus,is sign of unstable atmosphere and some times it bring thunderstorms,it is medium cloud Altocumulus - Translusidus,the same with
Altocumulus ,is sign for sure thunderstorm here to Athens about 12-30 hours after
Altocumulus - Castellanus.the same with Altocumulus and is sign for sure thunderstorm
here to Athens about 3 -18 hours after and from the position where is the castellanus from this way come to us the thunderstorm
Mammatus,this clouds is very dangerous for very strong thunderstorm with hail maybe and tornadoes ,about 1-3 hours after Stratocumulus,it is a low cloud,this cloud given a few rain
Stratus,it is a low cloud,which will be dangerous for airplane.This cloud given some drizzle Nimbostratus,it is a cloud with continoues rain,or snow Cumulus,is a low cloud.This cloud given fair weather
Towering cumulus,if towering cumulus continoues to raising up then will become cumulonimbus Cumulonimbus,is thunderstorms cloud,with heavy rain,hail,lighting,thunder,and wind

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