Location: Peristeri of Athens, Greece
Position: 38 00.58' NORTH / 23 42.04' EAST
Elevation: 63 meters
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About weather station

My weather station is a private weather station located at Peristeri area 6 km North-West of center of Athens.My area is 63 meters or 207 feets higher from the sea level.The weather station is La-crosse model WS-2300 include anemometer it show the direction and the wind speed,rain gauge,out remote sensor for out temperature and humidity,and the main unit console in house where show all inside data (Temperature-humidity-barometer pressure),and all external weather data. All this external data come inside to home at main unit console with remote or with cable connection. After all the data from console goes to computer with cable connection ,and with weather software and with FTP program upload it to internet all around the world. I have made enough modifications at my weather station for better results,you can see some of it at my projects page,like Stevenson screen box.- Or - Fan aspirated radiation shield. For to have better accurate measurements temperature and humidity. - Or - Better resolution at rain gauge + heater. - Or - Faster wireless weather data. And many more. I had finnish electronic technical school,for this reasons,i have made and lightning radar long range,you can see the project Here. And a static Electricity detector,you can see the project Here.And many others electronics projects.