The Greek Union Organizations are distinguished in First, Second and Third degree ones.

Union Organization of the third degree in Greece is the association of Trades Union Centres and branch or professional Federations, called the General Confederation of the Greek Workers known to the international lobour world as GSEE-a transformation of the initials in Greek. Based on its constitutions, the GSEE is administered by the following instruments:

The National or Panhellenic Congress.
The General Board.
The executive Committee (Administration).
The Secretariat of the executive Committee.
The Supervisory Committee which wields control of the financial management.
The administrative instruments of the GSEE are elected by the delegates during the National Congress.

Union Organizations of the second degree are the Trade Union Centres and the Federations. The local Trades Unions of the first degree accede to a Trades Unions Centre and, if it seems desirable, to the federation of the spesific profession or branch.

Union Organizations of the first degree (ground level) are considered to be the Trade Unions, the local branches of Union Organizations covering the greater area of Greece and the associations of persons.

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