Within the greek synticalistic movement, the Trades Union Centres are important connections between the regional organizations and the national centre. The aims of the Trade Union Centres include the promotion of the social, financial and cultural position of the working person, the support of vocational training, the general progress and improvement of the Syndicalistic Organization.

The Trades Union Centres determine the representatives of the union organization and employees, for the local committees and the courts of law whenever they are formed. Above all, however, the Greek Trades Union Centres were constituted to join the local organizations of the workers in order to protect the financial, professional and social interests of their members.

Aiming at these professional and social interest, the Trades Union Centres officials put up their struggle for the better payment, living and working conditions.

They also press for the improvement of labour and social legislation, inspect its application, study and sort out special or more general problems faced by the working people they represent.

So, actually, they are in position to organize and guide local strikes or to exert pressure on local authorities or employers by means of presentations, court appeals, demonstrations or whatever is considered suitable.




The Trade Unions Center of Thessaloniki was set up in the begining of 1917, as a common local Union Organization of a higher level.

As founding members appear to be the representatives of the Jewish tobacco workers, cigarette workers, printers and railway employees.

The first offices of the Trade Union Center were housed at the Union of oil-painters. The Union of printers was the first to join, followed later by others.


The constitution (charter) of the Trade Unions Center of Thessaloniki.

The Trade Unions Center of Thessaloniki is the second in magnitute in Greece. In its power it has 275 first degree Unions of people in the municipality of Thessaloniki, in the central Macedonia region.

The TUC of Thessaloniki represents about 350.000 employed people, 300.000 of which work within the greater urban of the city of Thessaloniki.


Purpose and Obligations


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