Summary of GR1 Choices

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= Gerda = Helen = Yannis = Zoltan* =

The composition of our student groups for the much desired trip to Australia, as well as our initial choices which will be further elaborated and chronologically sorted collectively and in collaboration, are as follows:

Gerda's lot is a group of lively women in their mid fifties and ready for concerts in Sydney and a long trainride where
 they can experience long distances as Denmark is such a small country compared to the vast continent down under.
They are very interested in Aboriginal culture and want to try for sort of a walkabout in the Northern Territory.

Helen's group consists of students who are mostly refugees (who are not really allowed to travel). Some are quite young, others grandparents.  They are from all over the world and have a variety of interests.
They would like to visit the opera house, but some would also like to travel in the outback a little.
They would like to see some rainforest and wild life.

Yannis travels with a lively group of young blind and VI students, highly skilful in orientation and mobility - some of them athletes taking part in international special needs athletic events (football, skiing, racing, swimming, weight lifting etc.).
They are interested in an active exploration of the country and in event participation. They would love to go backpacking, cycling (tandem bicycles), horse riding, sailing, as well as participate in anything that involves touching (tactile experiences). They are extremely interested in aboriginal culture, and they would like to meet, talk and do things with the ancient tribes of Australia.

Up to now, we have managed to collect information on most of our choices -

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Looking forward to our trip!

Yannis, Gerda, Helen
*Unfortunately, Zoltan has been unable to access the Simulab site from Hungary, so far.