Planning our Trip Down Under

Our Proposed Itinerary

known as Group 1

Breathtaking view of the red hills in Uluru

The fortnightly trip to Australia is something that we are all looking forward to. Qantas seems to be the natural choice for flying to Sydney's Kingsford Smith airport. We can even save on air fare by making use of the Qantas discount for disability travelling . ( This will definitely sound good to the providers of our trip and will probably grant us access to perks which might otherwise be not acceptable due to extra costs ) .

Places and Activities

Days 1-3:
A view of the Opera House from the sea
  • Sydney - The Opera House : A look-listen-touch visit to the famous western landmark of the ancestral home of the Daruk tribe which has developed from an anglo-saxon penal colony of predominantly Irish population to the 3.7 million people multicultural metropolis of today.
Old colonial buildings in the Rocks area
  • Exploration of Millers Point in The Rocks and long branningan visits to the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel and The Hero of Waterloo , two of Sydney's oldest pubs.
  • Mingling with the folk of Sydney: Participation in the city's scheduled cultural events . Joining the fun in Streets Alive , or even the 1999 Carnivale - if we travel there in September.
The outline of Australia with its emblem - kangaroo - in the centre
On day 4, we are off to Adelaide on board the Pacific Express for a long, 2-day trainride where we can really get to know each other, recover and gather energy as a group for the forthcoming adventures.

Days 4-6:


Country Railway Bridge


    Train Ride

    After three glorious days in Sydney we want to relax a bit and really get acquainted. We will do that going by train to our next destination, the Northern Territory, so we'll board the Pacific Express for Adelaide where, unfortunately, we only have a few hours before we enter the Chan for Alice Springs.

    The whole train ride will last about 48 hours. There's plenty to do, we will have time to listen to each others' stories, write postcards to all our friends, and memorise what we saw in Sydney. We will have time to study the new Australian bank notes, and I'm sure the lively ones will sneak off to the dining hall and have a glass of Australian red wine and watch the news on TV. They want to find out what sort of news other countries bring. We will sing songs and laugh and cry. We will have time to meet and mingle with people from all over the world who have chosen to travel the same way as us. I am sure we will even have time to study the Greek alphabet and worldview . When we look out of the window we might be lucky enough to see a kangaroo jumping about or an ostrich running at high speed across the desert. Closing up on the Uluru we might catch a glimpse of Topsy.

    In the end we will be ready for the adventures waiting for us in the Northern Territory.

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Days 9-11:

Photo of aborigines sitting under a tree

Red Hill reflections

Photo of aboriginal tribesman

    Rain forest

    Tropical North Queensland

    The largest area of natural rainforest in Australia lies between Cardwell and Cooktown, northeastern Queensland.

    We are in Cairns, tropical North Queensland and ready for a hike in the rainforest. On our way we see unique and spectacular wildlife and plants, including rare and restricted species found nowhere else on Earth

    It is not difficult to find accommodation, so we'll want to stay two days in the rainforest and think of what was said about the Aborigines living there before white people came to Australia:

    " Theirs was a culture with no chiefs or kings. If the senior men and women of each clan had implied status, it was because of their wisdom and the highest attributes a (Ngadjon-jii) could possess was a keen memory and great skill in hunting, gathering and bushcraft." Toohey (1990)

Days 12-14:

Brisbane over the Brisbane River bank
  • Fly from Cairns to Brisbane for a luxury 2-day stay just before our return to Europe.
  • Enjoy Brisbane's major festival of the arts, the outdoor Brisbane Festival , which is held over two weeks in mid-September, and visit Queensland Museum with its dinosaur garden.
Early morning Brisbane - Magnificent sky line
  • Go swimming at the pool at Spring Hill Baths in Torrington Square which is the oldest in the southern hemisphere and is surrounded by old-style colourfully painted changing cubicles
  • and, late as possible, take the XPT train to Sydney for our return flight to Europe.

*** BON VOYAGE ***

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