Subject: [ifets] Re: ifets-digest V1 #39 - cheating versus collaborating
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 22:49:04 -1000
From: Dan Suthers <suthers@hawaii.edu>
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> I am investigating the dilemma facing distance educators regarding
> assessment of student work (higher education and corporate training
> settings). At issue is the matter of validating that the products
> submitted by students participating in distance education programs are
> their own work.

One option is to ensure that 'products' submitted by students in distance ed is *not* (just) their own work!

In other words, rely on collaborative projects, where it's just fine for students to interact with others and submit joint work. If I am getting an accurate picture, there is a trend in education towards problem based learning, collaborative learning, and more 'authentic' forms of assessment -- all backed by research showing advantages for motivation and learning outcomes. The feasability of this depends on the learning objectives of the course, and we need better technology to support collaboration in a distance ed context.

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