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Only 5 km from Kalives Beach Hotel you can visit the Aptera, one of the most important cities of ancient western Crete, was built during the 7th century B.C.. Located on a site 15km from Chania, south of Souda Bay and near the village of Megala Chorafia, has a panoramic view of the whole plain of Chania. The city walls, still standing, are reminiscent of the Cyclopean walls of Tiryns and Mycenae. One can also see the remains of a small temple of Demeter (built at the 1st century B.C.), a Roman theater, and the enormous vaulted cisterns of the Roman period-excellent condition. Click for more Info


Kournas Lake is one of two freshwater lakes in Crete, in the prefecture of Chania. It has an area of 160,000 square metres, which varies seasonally. Sheltered by surrounding hills, the lake has an idyllic setting that contains interesting flora and fauna.The lake is located 20 km south-east from Kalives Beach hotel   Click for more Info.


In the south-west part of Chania there lies one of the most beautiful beaches you could visit in Crete. Driving 83 Km from Kalives Beach Hotel, we come to the beautiful islet of Elafonisi, which is joined to the body of Crete by a shallow reef some 800 metres long. This is easy to cross when the weather is calm. The land-scape is warm and the and welcoming, with brilliant white sand and the calm sea. There is no hint of the frightful waves which the south wind can whip up - some of the fiercest in the Mediterranean.   Click for more Info.


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