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      Greece is the cradle of Western civilization, the birthplace of science, drama, architecture & philisophy, the motherland of  democracy.  Greeks invented  the idea of  the West as a distinct region.  It  was where they lived, west of the civilizations of  Babylonia and Phoenicia, southwest of  Egypt.
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      The ancient Greek civilization thrived around the Mediterranean Sea from the 3rd millennium to the 1st century BC and the most famous period is called "Classical Age", which lasted from about 500 to 323 BC.
      During this period, ancient Greeks produced amazing cultural achievements.
      Unlike most other peoples of these years, Greeks of  the "Classical Age" were not ruled by kings.
      Greek  communities  had  the freedom  to govern  themselves  and  they  shared their traditions of  language, customs, religion  and  festivals, such as the Olympic Games in the ancient city of  Olympia  in  Peloponnesse district. (See the small map below).
      The states of ancient Greece fell to the Romans in 146 BC.
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      Long after ancient Greece lost  its power,  the ancient Greek culture influenced  many  thinkers, writers and artists, especially those in ancient Rome and Renaissance Europe.
      People worldwide still enjoy ancient Greek plays, study ancient Greek philosophers and many modern democratic nations owe their basic political principles to ancient Greece, where democracy originated.

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Total area:   131.940
Border Line:         1.210 km
Coastline:            13.676 km
Population:         10.920.000

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