Ship series  1:350 scale
   TIRPITZ German Battleship

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    The two "BISMARCK" class battleships were the only German battleships completed in the lifetime of the Third Reich. The BISMARCK was the lead ship of the two-strong class battleships; the other one was the TIRPITZ.
    The two ships were magnificent vessels that exercised a horrible fascination on the British, who retained powerful forces in home waters to meet the threat of these two battleships.
    The TIRPITZ was launched in 1939 and completed in 1941 and its great success in World War II was a bombardment of Spitsbergen in September 1943. The ship was damaged by British submarine attack later in that month, damaged by aircraft attack in April 1944 (with the loss of 122 men), and finally sunk in November 1944 when the ship capsized with the loss of 902 men after being hit by "Tallboy" bombs.  

Technical data:  Length: 251 meters
                           Speed: 29 knots
                           Main machinery: 3 geared steam turbines
                           Shaft horsepower: 138,000 hp
                           Shafts: 3
                           Full-load displacement: 52,600 tons  

Armament:  8 guns 15.0'' in 4 twin turrets
                   12 guns 5.9'' in 6 twin turrets
                   16 anti-aircraft guns 4.1'' in 8 twin turrets
                   16 anti-aircraft guns 37mm in single mountings
                     8 torpedo tubes 21.0''
                     2 seaplanes
                     large number of 20 mm anti-aircraft guns (more than 45)

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    The main attempt to limit the growth of Europe's fleet of expensive capital ships was the Anglo - German Nanal Treaty of 1935.
    With this Treaty the U.K. agreed to a measure of German rearmament in exchange for a German agreement to limit its capital ships to the battleships BISMARCK and TIRPITZ with an armament of eight 15'' guns, against which the British laid down the first of its "King George V" class of battleships with a main armament of ten 14'' guns.

Just for the record,  this magnificent model of Tirpitz was built by me in the year 1992.

    The kit :
Length of model: 717mm

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