Ship series  1:350 scale
   MUSASHI Japanese Battleship

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         The two largest battleships to be completed were the Japanese super-battleships of the "YAMATO" class. YAMATO and MUSASHI were designed and built with the intention of providing the Imperial Japanese Navy with ships that could fight groups of enemy battleships through their superb protection based on the largest guns ever installed on a battleship.
         The ships were the largest, most strongly defended and most powerfully armed battleships during World War II.
         In violation of the London and Washington Treaties, and in the greatest secrecy, the Japanese Navy begun construction of the 2nd super-battleship, named MUSASHI on 29 March 1938, at the Nagasaki Naval Shipyards. (The 1st one was YAMATO). A curtain of sisal mats 2.7 kilometer long was constructed around the shipway on which the MUSASHI was built to keep it secret from the public. She was ready for service on August 1942.
         Both ships were lost to air attacks by the Americans in the Pacific campaign, the strength of their construction being attested by the fact that MUSASHI absorbed between 12 and 19 torpedo hits and at least 17 bomb strikes before sinking. The MUSASHI was attacked by several U.S. aircrafts from 4 aircraft carriers during combat operations South of Luzon, Phillipines on 24 October 1944, and 5 hours after this last attack, the proud MUSASHI sank.  

Technical data: Length: 263 meters
                          Speed: 27 knots
                          Crusing range: 7,200 nm (16 knots)
                          Main machinery: 4 geared steam turbines
                          Number of boilers: 12
                          Shaft horsepower: 150,000 hp
                          Shafts: 4
                          Full-load displacement: 72,000 tons
                          Number of crew: 2,500
Constructed by Mitsubishi Nagasaki Dockyard.

Armament:   9 guns 18.1''
                   12 guns 6.1''
                   12 anti-aircraft guns 5.0''
                 130 anti-aircraft guns 1.0''
                     7 aircrafts (seaplanes)

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Just for the record,  this magnificent model of Musashi was built by me in the year 1993.

    The kit :
Length of model: 752mm

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