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Formula 1  Classic
Tyrrell  Ford  P34  Six-wheeler

    When Derek Gardner designed the six wheeled Tyrrell Project 34 car, most people in the know considered it nothing more then a publicity stunt.
   It's  most  striking  feature  was  the  use  of  four 10''  wheels  instead  of  the  regular  two.
    The idea, as designer Derek Gardner tells the story, "...was to minimize induced drag by reducing lift at the front, and to turn that small gain into the ability to enter and leave a corner faster."
    Ace driver
Jody S
checkter gave the six-wheeler its first victory on its first outing! This was at the Grand Prix of Sweden on June 13, 1976.
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    Jody Scheckter (No.3) put the six wheel Tyrrell on the pole and when the checkered flag fell, Scheckter was 20 seconds ahead of his teammate Patrick Depailler (No.4) who finished second with the other six-wheeler.

Engine: V-8 Ford-Cosworth DFV
Capacity: 2.993cc
Power: 475 bhp at 10.000 rpm

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Scale 1:20

          No. 2001
Just for the record,  the P34 (scale 1:20) was built by me in the year 1988.

Gone since March 2000...
9 photos of the six wheel Tyrrell are rotated out
to make space for newer photographs of other scale models.

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