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    This model railroad was built by me during the past 15 years and is in H0 gauge (scale 1:87). It's a complete exciting world of railroading in miniature.
    On an area of  3.50 x 2.10 meters  (about 7.50 square meters), 8 different train sets (made by Maerklin) demonstrate an imaginable railroad on more than 25 meters of  track. That means about 2.20 kilometers (87 x 25 meters) of   track in reality.
    Here, you may find a passenger station, a freight station, two parking lots, a tunnel, an engine shed, two level crossings, a flyover bridge, two houses under construction, the stationmaster's house, a small station with repair and maintenance tracks and a small lake with a
    More than 50 persons are standing, working, running, sitting, etc.
    2 or 3 passenger or freight trains are running simultaneously.
    Collisions are avoided by a manual remote control system with switches.

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Gone since January 2000...
15 photos of my model railroad are rotated out
to make space for newer photographs of other scale models.

  ...but I have some more...
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