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  Diorama detailing
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 German heavy tank destroyer
     Tiger Ferdinand/Elefant

    The Elefant was a German heavy tank destroyer based on the chassis of the Porsche designed version of the Tiger tank.
    This vehicle was originally named "Ferdinand", in honor of its designer, Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. "Elefant" was the nickname.
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    The Elefant mounts a more powerful version of the 8.8cm gun, but early versions had no machine gun making it an easy target for infantry anti-tank teams.
    The Elefant thus fell victim to Russian tank hunters when it first deployed at Kursk in 1943. The surviving Elefants were called back and a machine-gun mounted in the hull. These late version tanks were sent to Italy, where the last Elefant was destroyed in 1944.

 Technical data
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Length :  8.14 meters
Width :  3.63 meters
Height :  2.97 meters
Full-load weight : 65 tons
Engine : 2 x Maybach V12
Engine horsepower :  700 hp
Top speed :  38 km/h (road)
Main gun : 88 mm
Armour : 20 mm to 200 mm
Number of crew : 6
Production quantity : 90
Production period : April/May 1943
Constructed by Nibelungenwerke

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Just for the record, this Elefant (late version with machine-gun)
was built by me in the year 1989
and 7 years later I constructed the diorama.
    The kit :
Length of model: 237mm
           1:35 scale

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  The diorama and the B.M.W.'s

Gone since November 2001...
10 photos of this diorama are rotated out
to make space for newer photographs of other scale models.

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