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German heavy tank
King Tiger (Porsche Turret version)
German vehicle
VW  Kubelwagen

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       During the last years of the World War II, the German tank King Tiger (Koenigstiger) was a much-feared tank by Allied Forces. The Germans began the development of this tank in January 1943.
       Henschel and Porsche firms introduced their prototypes with different turret configurations. The Porsche designed turret had a very distinctive shape and well-sloped armour. Porsche had produced only 50 turrets for their version of the tank.
       Some 500 King Tigers were built.

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    Finale at Arnhem, Holland 24/9/1944, by David Pentland.
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          The last Pz.Kpfw. VI Tiger II (Kingtigers) of 2nd Company 506th Heavy Tank Battalion, drive south across the Arnhem bridge to prepare for the upcoming counter-attack to retake Elst and the Nymegen road bridge.

           King Tiger
        Technical data

Length: 10.30 meters
Width: 3.76 meters
Height: 3.08 meters
Weight: 68000 kgr
Main gun: 88 mm (Type 43 L71)
Armour: 40 mm to 180 mm
Top Speed: 35 km/h
Range: 100 km
Engine: Maybach V-12 cylinder
Engine horsepower: 700 hp
Number of crew: 5
Constructed by Henschel & Porsche firms

The King Tiger kit:
Length of model: 304mm
           1:35 scale

Just for the record,  this diorama was built by me during summer of 1994.

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