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  Diorama detailing
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German tank destroyer
   Late version (Sd.Kfz.173)

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The diorama.

    The German Jagdpanther was one of the best tracked weapons systems during the World War Two. One 88mm gun was mounted on a Panther medium tank chassis. The tank had thick steel armor plates of  80mm at the front and 50mm at the sides. 415 units were produced from January 1944 until April 1945.
    The Jagdpanther was first deployed to the Normandy campaign in June 1944.
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    In the above photograph you may see a late version Jagdpanther captured by the U.S.Army somewhere in Germany, in February 1945.

Technical data
Length :  9.90 meters
Width :  3.40 meters
Height :  2.50 meters
Full-load weight : 46 tons
Engine : Maybach V-12 cylinder
Engine horsepower :  700 hp
Top speed :  48 km/h (road)
Main gun : 88 mm
Armour : 20 mm to 80 mm
Number of crew : 5
Constructed by MIAG firm

    The kit :
Length of model: 275mm
           1:35 scale

Just for the record,  this diorama was built by me during summer of 1998.

The tank
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