Thousands years ago when Corellon Larethian created the first race the Elves he 
summoned the spirits of Seldarine to protect some of the elven families that 
was meant to be the Kings of the Elven Kingdoms .The house of Feanor was
 one of the greatest of all Houses .Feanor him self and his eras honor Corellon
 him self and Ellistrae the Dark Maiden his daughter .Since the first days of the 
house all Feanor and his wife Delena live in the Paradise of Lorien a Mystic 
place protected from all evil where elves can live eternally .Every generation 
one member of the bloodline leaves  the protection of Lorien and builds a 
kingdom to honor Corellon and to spread thy knowledge that posses to the
 world ,when he reaches a certain age End of Youth  (Around 500 of 1200 years
 of their Life ) the era leaves the throne to a trusted elf and returns to meet her/his family 

The Bloodline of  the House of Feanor




1st to 4th Round ( The Nameless Ages )




9th Age ( Renaissance Age)


10th Round ( Age of Conflict)

* Indicates Player


Titles of Honor 

Delena the Archmage

Galadriel the Just

Selaxia ( still no title )