The Elven Tales and Poems Book


1.The Golden Dragon of Lorien 



The Golden Dragon of Lorien 

This is a history about the Protector of Lorien the Wise Silvanor 
Once upon a time hundreds of years ago when the House of Feanor was making it first steps into the world the forces of evil consider the paradise of Lorien a living threat for their malicious plans and decided that it should be eradicated before becomes trouble ...  And so it happened the Evil Orcish god Rasorkar bless the barbaric armies of Dao'golath the Ogre and order them to travel through the Grey Mountains to the Land of Lorien and Raze it . After two years of traveling the Orcish and Avian allied forces reached the borders of Lorien , Their bloodthirsty warriors were ready for the battle Dark wyrms were ready to shallow  the golden trees of beautiful Lorien .The dark army was more then 20 times greater then the Elven  army but the brave Elf Lords whether they knew that their power was much lesser than this of the opposite army they never even thought of retreating .They kisses their wives and hugged  their kids knowing they will never see them again they all turned their back and head to the battlefield .The Elven wizards blessed each one of the warriors .King Feanor and his son Prince Celeborn  wore their Golden plate mail and ride their snow white Pegasus and got ready to lead the Elven legions into the battle of Survival . 

It was a dark day ,the sun was hiding behind black clouds that the sky of Lorien never saw before . Delena and Princess Galadriel could see a great storm coming from the top of the castles tower .Delena this morning despite her husband orders has gathered all women and children into the walls of the fortress and  the prays were so many that the only thing you could hear was a hallow sound that could penetrate even the great walls .

 Suddenly the Orcish and Avian army began the attack raging hordes start to run like berserks to the line of the elven army ,The eyes of every warrior were fixed on the enemy ... Once Celeborn weild his sword like a thunder thousands of swords appeared in the line

- For Lorien and for Corellon , Feanor Shooted
- For the King and our Children , Celeborn shooted and raised his sword

The blood of the warriors was boiling they were ready to give their soul ... The enemy was coming closer and closer .A giant cloud of mud was filling the atmosphere ... In the blink of an eye the whole battlefield was covered with fog the enemy armies stopped in the middle of their charge they were trying to find their way into this cloudy haze ... panic and fear filled their hearts . And suddenly a Ray of light desolve the dark sky and the sun warmed the faces of the defenders ... And from the heart of the sun a shadow appeared that soon became bigger and a huge fireball hit the enemy positions and made many draw back in fear it was a huge golden dragon with rider on his back . It was Ellistrae

- It is me , she said.My father sent me to help you brave soldiers ;lets clean the Heaven from this evil
- My goddess ,Feanor said
- Leave thy words for after our victory .I promise thee noone will be hurt fight with courage my children

The batlle was raging on for days and nights and Silvanor the Dragon never stopped helping the elves every time someone was in danger he was always there to help him .And his powerfull claws and fireballs draw the dark wyrms away 

And the mighty legions attacked and repeld the horde and as Ellistrae said ,noone died

- Feanor my brave warrior this is Silvanor the Great dragon .From now on he will be the protector of Lorien Honor him .

And all the heroes of the battle bow in front of him .... 


Written by Selaxia