elcome to my Shrine this is the Temple of Lorien .I am Selaxia Queen of The province of Wrath of Lorien 
My Province is part of the great kingdom of Wrath of Justice since the Ninth round of Utopia .Below you 
may find information about the History of my family and the Province you will also be informed about he current situation 
of my kingdom ,my Allies and Foes and much more 

 :: Family History :: Current Status :: Recent News :: Allies and Foes :: End of Round Results ::
:: The Elven Tales and Poems Book :: Foreign Office ( Contact me ) :: 
:: Golden Dragon Alliance :: 

Wrath of Lorien (24:32) / Wrath of Justice  
Elf, Attacker Strategy / Age of Conflict 

Highest Networth 150000
Highest Land 1015
Highest Honor 1680