Welcome to Jaguar's 60's Music Site.This is an effort I'm doing
in order to find other people who love listening to the music of
this great decade.In this site you may find several interesting
things such as RockLists , rockumentaries , tape selections and
other references to anything that has to do with the 60's.


  Music Magazine Mojo published this list on issue 45.It's sure worth taking a peak.
   In the last issue Mojo released this list as voted by 157 artists.
   Mpeg Layer 3 a.k.a Mp3.Will it destroy the music industry?
Here are some information about my all-time favorite female singer.She simply rules!
Here are some cassette compilations I will suggest from time to time.
The best comedy released in 1998.It just reminded us how great the 60's were!
Web Links related to 60's music.

                          This page was initially supposed to be in Greek , but I thought that it might get more popular if it was in english.
                       For all you greek-language fans , there will be a translated version real soon.Till then patience.


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