Warning develops, produces, and markets worldwide value added products for Combustion Engines operating with diesel or gasoline.

The first series of products introduced by Warning. in 2004, is based on innovative, patented, technology that allows the detection of water in fuel and the warning of the user before the water reaches the engine.

The Water Warning System (WWS) is a series  of products that apply to Marine Engines, Electrical Generators, Heating Systems, and Heavy Truck/Equipment Engines. The WWS is a field proven, robust, highly reliable, and cost effective solution that prevents engine down time and costly repairs due to water contamination of the fuel.

Warning aims to be a leading innovator in this market in terms of product engineering, usage models, and customer support. Our commitment is to deliver cost effective, easy to install and use products that have a very high degree of reliability.
Our priority is to support our customers in multiplying the value added by our products to their applications