May I present my characters in Diablo...

Jaws(BAR) the Conquerer

A variant warrior, as (BAR) declares, trying to reach the ultimate title of Barbarian King using only "white" objects. Though I have found some really good "blue" weapons, I keep them for use in Nightmare and Hell. Born as "Jaws the Barbarian" he became after courageous battles with the forces of evil:

Jaws the Vanquisher (Going toe to toe with King Leoric and winning)

Jaws the Destroyer (Walking levels 5-8 and walking out exit on level 9 without returning to town)

Jaws the Conquerer (Running the caves in one try and exiting on foot through hell)

For now I use a Bastard Sword, a Tower Shield (AC:19), a Field Plate (AC:42) and a Great Helm (AC:15). I have reached level 24 and have the following attributes:

Strength: 74

Magic: 10

Dexterity: 60

Vitality: 54

The worst part of being a Barbarian, apart from walking and walking and walking, is the pityfull chance to hit. The maximum you can get is 80% with "white" weapons. Especially as you go deeper down the levels you find out that you cannot hit the f... target.

The rules and titles for my variants are from Woody's Diablo Asylum