a  unique  destination    POROS  KEFALONIA!

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A garden by the sea,
at the south-east edge of Kefalonia

Mountains, ravines beaches...    pictures that seem as  if they have emerged  from the magical palette of an artist,   with colours that  match so harmoniously,  and speak to your heart.


A world for moments of  relaxation, calm, entertainment.  
A different world,  that will amaze you at first sight.   
We invite you,  for an unforgettable  and remarkable experience.

Perhaps in no other island of our country aren't concentrated so many peculiar, impressive and admirable works of nature than in Kefalonia.

Perhaps only in Kefalonia the visitors is certain that in every moment of his travel he will discover a place , a beach or a village which will make him feel surprise and awe.

Poros is such a place. A picturesque landscape, full of mountains, ravines and beaches on the south-east edge of Kefalonia, which wins the liking of every visitor.

Poros was inhabited and started developing after the earthquakes of 1953 which shook the island.

Today, Poros is one of the main ports of the island, a seaside and busy town, a perfect place with a unique combination of colours of the nature such as green and blue. It guarantees ideal holidays full of relaxation, calmness and fun in a kind and hospitable environment.