Life in Poros

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Poros is surrounded by many bays and dent elated coastline, deep blue and very clean sea.

Evry visitors can enjoy the sun and the sea for many hours. Staying in Poros becomes unforgettable as it combines every
kind of preferences and interests:

Beautiful walks, visiting the sightseeings, memorable passages through bright green flora.

One gets to know the mores and norms of the place and has the chance to enjoy the traditional products, the tasty delicacies and the famous wine of   Kefalonia at the various restaurants and picturesque taverns.

Everybody can escape from the daily routine and enjoy their rest and fun in cafes, bars and discos by the sea during the soft-breezed nights.

The frequent escapes with various events which are held by the municipality and cultural associations, make our traditions known to thousands visitors of every nationality.

Many opportunities for physical exercise are given to the sports' fans. There are courts of basketball, tennis and football. In addition, a great variety of sea sports is available.

One thing is for sure: life at Poros enchants, rouses enthusiasm in its visitors and makes want to come again at this hospitable place for their next holiday.

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