The Hellenic Psychoanalytic Society (H.P.S.) is a scientific andeducational society, member of the International Psychoanalytic Association (I.P.A.). It aims at developing psychoanalytic thought and research and transmiting its practice, according to the spirit of S. Freud's work. The society is a member of the European Federation of Psychoanalysis.

The H.P.S. was founded on October 11, 1982. The first candidates were admitted in June, 1983.

Earlier efforts to create a psychoanalytic society in Greece started with the first Psychoanalytic Study Group (1947-1950) formed by Marie Bonaparte. Prior to this some psychiatrists and intellectuals had expressed their interest for Psychoanalysis.

The Hellenic Society has its headquarters in downtown Athens, which, concurrently serves for its training and educational functions. It has thirty four candidates, 14 associate members and 11 full members, sixof whom are training analysts. Moreover, it has twelve corresponding members, many of whom frequently contribute to its activities.

The Society's activities aim at supporting the creativity of its members in the field of psychoanalysis. For that purpose, during the academic year,in addition to its regular educational activities, the Society organizes monthly scientific presentations, with the participation of guest psychoanalysts from various countries. It also organizes intramural scientificmeetings and public lectures with presentations by its members and candidates.