All photos are © G. Garofalakis unless otherwise stated.

If you are interested in Spanish landscapes or photography in general, take a look at Mark's page. You'll find some amazing IR photos there, too.

Berlin Berlin, Germany, 2000

Berlin, 2000 Berlin

windmills A couple of windmills in the heart of Athens.

Brussels Brussels, Belgium, 1998

Duhram, UK, 1997 Duhram

Elafonissos Elafonissos, Greece, 2000

Haworth, UK, 1998 Haworth

Holme Holme, UK, 1999

Hydra, Greece, 2000 Hydra

Karlovy Vary Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic, 1995 (© Grafiatisk a.s.)

Leeds, UK, 2000 Leeds

Leeds Leeds, UK, 2002

Whitby Whitby, UK, 2001

Leeds, UK, 2000 Leeds

car doors the Eldon pub
Autumn leaves The Feast'n'Firkin SCREAM

London London, UK, 2000

London, UK, 2000 London

London London, UK, 1998

Madrid Madrid, Spain, 1999

Potsdam, Germany, 2000 Potsdam

Potsdam Potsdam, Germany, 2000

Potsdam, Germany, 2000 Potsdam

Segovia Segovia, Spain, 1999

Seville, Spain, 1999 Seville

Seville Seville, Spain, 1999

Seville, Spain, 1999

Skyros, Greece, 2000 Skyros

York York, UK, 2000

York, UK, 2000 York

Brussels Brussels, Belgium 2001

Leuven Leuven, Belgium, 2001

Paris, France, 2001 Paris

Paris Paris, France, 2001

Paris, France, 2001 Paris

Antwerp Antwerp, Belgium, 2001

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