It looks like an island but it isn't. A small peninsula on the south part of Peloponnesos. A picturesque small town with white houses and cobbled roads. If you plan to visit it you have to take the road from Kalamata to Pilos and after 20 Km you will find a small village called Rizomilos. There's a sign there showing to the left....Koroni ....about 30 Km. If you decide to ride the small snakeroad you will find some beautiful villages on the way to Koroni...Petalidi, Hrani,St. Andreas,Kantianika,Vounaria, Kombi, Harakopio. And then here it is. If you stop on the entrance of the town you will be able to envisage the people that build the history of the area.
Ancient Greeks, Francs,Romans,Venetians,Byzantines,Turks,Greeks. They all used the town as a harbor and a center of commutation. Koroni survived through the centuries and there were times when this small town was very known to the world because of it's harbor and the people who lived there.

In the area there was a prehistoric settlement. According to the tradition, here were settled the inhabitants of the ancient Assini which was in Argolida, after their expulsion from their homes by the Argeans to punish them because they took the side of the Spartans in the Peloponesean war. The town was named koroni in the 9th century AD, when fugitives from Koroni (today's Petalidi) came here to find shelter from the pirates , a common phenomenon at that time. These new inhabitants made improvements to the fortification of the town. But the biggest reconstruction of the castle was made by the Venetians who took the castle of Koroni and Methoni in the 13th century. The Turks managed to take the castle of Koroni in 1500 AD. 187 years later in 1687 the Venetians with Morozini claimed the castle back from the Turks . They did new repairs to the walls of the castle but the Turks claimed the castle back in 1715. They occupied the castle and the area until 1828 when it became part of the liberated Greece.