Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine of Northern Greece 
Delphon 106, 546 43 Thessaloniki,GREECE, tel. & fax (31)865537 


E.A.E.I.B.E. was established in 1982 with 89 members and in the end of 1995 counts 721 active members, 562 of which are full members and 131 educational members. There are also 14 associated, 9 affiliated and 5 equally honorary members.

In order to be registered as a member in E.A.E.I.B.E. someone has to submit the relative application to E.A.E.I.B.E., which then is discussed and approved in the General Assembly (it take place twice a year).

Anaesthesiologists are accepted as full members, all other specialists are accepted as associated members. Members who live abroad are considered as affiliated and those who have retired as honorary members. Residents are accepted as educational members

The annual subscriptions to the E.A.E.I.B.E. are as follows:

  1. Full member: 10,000 GDR (same fee applies to associated and affiliated members)
  2. Educational member: 5,000 GDR
There is an initial registration fee for all members in the amount of 1,000 GDR (500 GDR for educational members). Horonary members are granted a free subscription.

In E.A.E.I.B.E.’s office there is someone for the convenience of members (and not only) every Tuesday and Thursday 18:00-20:00. The rest of the week there is an answering machine on (int-31)865537, where you can leave a message or send a fax.

Thessaloniki, 1 January 1999
Fotis Kanakoudis
President E.A.E.I.B.E.


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