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Our first communication with an alien civilization arrived as narrow-band signal distortion out of the northern sky. It was a message from the Sentients, a highly advanced extra-terrestrial civilization. They invited us to visit their galaxy, and the EON-4 Project was born. Late last year, we sent a team of Explorers to the Sentient galaxy.

But, one of the team members died and the other two disappeared within six months. Now Explorer Team 2 (TM2) -- Chris Donovan, an ex-Naval Intelligence officer; Kat McKenna, a high tech expert; and Trace Montgomery, a young cultural anthropologist -- has been sent to this far away galaxy with the primary mission of discovering what happened, and why.

Days after their launch, however, Project: EON-4 was officially reclassified for reasons of "national security," halting all commucation with TM2. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Cam Fletcher, a radio astronomer, learns from a mysterious stranger that our government may be covering up more than the shutdown of Project Headquarters. Cam embarks on an investigation that spans the globe in hopes of discovering the truth about our connection to Sentients.

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Last Updated October 30, 1996