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This is a presentation of the professional activities of Emilios Dimitriou (alternative spelling; Emilios Demetriou, in Greek;  Αιμίλιος Δημητρίου)





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Background -Studies

Born in Cyprus, on 1952. Cypriot citizen.

1965-71 Lanitio Gymnasium of Limassol, Cyprus

1971-73 Military Service

1973-78 National Technical University of Athens, Degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Specialization in Electronics

Married with two children (a daughter and a son)


Greek (Native Language)

Good English (GCE O level, 1971)

Some French (enough to understand written technical instructions)


Job title

Mechanical & Electrical Engineer. Member of TEE (Technical Chamber of Greece)

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  THALES GROUP (Thomson-csf)

  Corinth Pipe Works








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Contact Information

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Current Projects

CPW sa Process Conveyor of TCP100 revamping (individual drives addition)

CPW  sa Slitting line revamping (replacement of drives and addition of PLC and SCADA)

CPW sa General electrical support to minimize downtime, improve productivity and quality. Installation of SCADA (a combination of Siemens WinCC and iba). The target is to record "everything" at the PLCs scan times.

ELVAL COLOUR sa Addition of PLC and SCADA in Painting line 3 and electrical drives for Vaseline application system.

VIOMAL sa  Electrical and electronic equipment for  the new Line No 3 for window spacers  

Panelco sa  General electrical support.





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Professional experience:

5/12/78-23/6/97 Employee of ELVAL SA

ELVAL SA produced annually about 100.000 tons of rolled products (foil, canstock, strips ,sheets).It employed around 650 people Initially I was employed as an Electronic Engineer to supervise and assist a team of 5 technicians for troubleshooting on a 24 hours base In 1982, I undertook responsibility for the Electrical department as well (another 10 technicians). In 1991 all the maintenance department was put under my supervision (8 engineers,10 foremen,80 technicians) After 1993 I was involved also in project management. I was personally involved in designing, drafting, PLC software development commissioning and starting up most of the electrical systems installed the last decade of my work at ELVAL in either new installations or revamping of the existing ones Worth mentioning is the New Hot Mill (1992), the revamping of the Bliss Cold mill ,IHI No 1 cold mill Spidem and Loewy Foil mills .All the previous revamps involved replacement of DC Drives (from MG sets to thyristor drives)and PLC installation. We were buying "loose components" usually from SIEMENS and applying them ourselves .In AGC revamps and flatness control systems I was interfacing to the main contractor (Achenbach, IHI, ASEA and DAVY) I have worked with System II and System 21 of DAVY, with Simatic and Allen Bradley PLC's, SIEMENS Simoreg, Reliance, ABB PAD DC drives with a variety of AC inverters, Accuray gauges, Eberline X-ray gauges, with a variety of temperature control systems etc.I am very familiar with the rolling process .I was personally responsible for delivering a "working system" to the production team after every revamp or new installation.

1/7/97 to today: Self-employed (subcontractor)

1.                        1997-98         KVAERNER metals CLECIM (now Siemens-VAI), as AGC and AFC expert. I helped the successful start up of the foil mill No 3 of XIASHUN Aluminium at Xiamen, P.R. of China.

2.                        1998               EVIEP sa (now ELVAL colour sa) (sister company of my former full time employer), as the electrical-electronic expert, I designed and started up the electrical equipment of the new paint line No 4.

3.                        1999-2001     Thales Greece (former Thomson csf). Electrical Engineering Services for the radars installation of the new Athens airport and assistance for the establishment of a local subsidiary for building electronic equipment for the Mirage airplanes.  

4.                        2001-2002     EVIEP sa  (now ELVAL colour sa) Electronic expert for the revamp of paint Line No 1.

5.            2002-2003    EVIEP sa (now ELVAL colour sa) Line No. 2    transformation from medium thickness aluminium chemical line treatment to combined aluminium foil chemical treatment and paint line. Electrical contractor for a turn key project. New 20 KV substation, new electrical drives, new PLC, new MMI.(Design, build, install, software development, start up). Electronic equipment is from SIEMENS (S7-300, S7-400, Profibus, Micromaster ac inverters, Simoreg dc converters).  

6.         2002-2003     PANELCO sa steel sandwich new panels line  Software development and electrical engineering support for the completion and the start up of the system. Equipment is from Allen Bradley (Rockwell automation) (ControlLogix PLC, 1788 2-Axis Controllers, 1526AB servo motors, 1394 Servo drives,  1336 Impact and PowerFlex 70 ac inverters, controlnet, devicenet, 550 Panelview, RSview 32)

7.            2003-2006     CPW sa  Addition of SCADA (WinCC and iba) in various parts of Thisvi plant. Replacement of 5 Siemens Simatic S5 PLCs with S7.  


8.            2006-now      See     current projects



Business trips

As part of my responsibility for the selection or inspection of equipment or familiarisation-training with already bought one, as an empoyee of ELVAL SA, I visited several aluminium plants(SKY-SHOWA-SUMITOMO in Japan, VAW-ALUSINGEN in Germany, SLIM in Italy, ALCAN-ALCOA in Brazil, ALCAN-STAR in Great Britain, HUNGALU in Hungary, Finnspong in Sweden, Hoogovens in Holland, Reynolds in USA).I also visited the offices and/or manufacturing facilities of IHI, TOSHIBA in Japan, DAVY, VAI, Eberline in G.Britain, Tippins, HerrVoss, Accuray in USA ABB in Switzerland and several other smaller suppliers around the world .I participated in a number of seminars .I was traveling 3 to 5 times a year 3 to 15 days each time

Recently I visited SMS-Elotherm, ELMATECH, GLOBUS, Dallan, CMZ

 More Details on my projects: For the interested reader, this link leads to tables with more details.


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