The Magus


What is Magic?
Do you think that it is something "supernatural", beyond your everyday life, to be searched for at the far ends of the earth?
Magic is the Transformative Process, like Alchemy, by which material existence is reduced to its single Essence in order to be reconstructed in New Forms.
Call me when you really want to change something and I'll be there.
Be sure that I'll give you a sign, either in your dreams or through Synchronistic events.
Invoke me since I have always been there, at some corner of your Hidden Self!
Ask for my help:
"I call upon you O Wise Magus! Show me how to transform my energies. Show me how to transform anger, hate and jealousy into Love and Forgiveness"

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Say the above Invocation first thing every morning and I'll show you my Presence! You will see evidences of my help!
Observe how my image above will respond even when you say the Invocation silently!! Be patient and watch the slow transformation of my image.
Still...........I have something else for you. Press the button below and learn the lesson!

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