Since I am the Guardian of the Sacred Breath and Life, my gifts for you are the Power of Breath and Emotional Release. By learning to breathe deeply you can begin to learn to feel deeply and to release suppressed feelings.
When in stress, imitate my breathing pattern: breathe deeply, hold the breath, exhale explosively!

I invite you to enjoy water and also to swim freely with your feelings.
Watch me as I slide in and out of water with no friction, always smiling, constantly communicating, sending and receiving language signals to and from many levels.
I have saved you many times in the past from great threats arising from the Sea of the Unknown.

I am your companion for all you Dreamers!! I know the language of dreams, so follow me and the meanings of your dreams will unfold for you.
Come on, call me in your meditations, lean on me, trust me and let go of your tensions and resistances and I'll guide you to the very essence of your Dreams!

In fact I am a Dream Collector! How about sending me a dream of yours?
Take a risk! I might send you an interpretation very soon!!
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