This page is dedicated to all those who are trying to find a deeper meaning in Life.
So, go beyond words and read between lines, for what is written is not said, and what appears to be, is just a humble form of the Unmanifest.
What is known is unknown and what is unknown is known.
Let It be It.
Be open in your Heart and let the Symbols and Metaphors of the Aions speak to You.
The Message from the Stars does not always come from outside, yet its Origin is from the Beyond.
What does your Heart say when reading these lines?
Are you in a position to set aside your prejudices, preformed ideas, deeply seated roles and confront the Unknown?
Can you imagine yourself in the position of one who does not strive and yet no one in the world can strive against him?
Somewhere deep inside, you feel that by giving away you receive.

You are on this beautiful blue planet for more reasons than having a good job, creating a family and being a descent member of a "sleeping society".
Don't you want to find out these reasons?
Is it possible for the Miracle of which You are to serve only the reason of living a "good" and "happy" everyday life?
Have You ever asked yourself these questions?

Once upon a time someone had dreamed he had discovered the Secret of Life, and leapt out of    bed to write it down. In the morning he went to see what he had written, full of excitement and    curiousity. He saw a formula: "2 + 2 = 5". He could not explain at the time the great secret of


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