Christos Mitsakis 



Born in Thessaloniki


He began his musical studies (violin) at the town’s State Conservatory and continued (violin, theory) at the Athens Conservatory. In 1986 He enrolled the Department of Musical Studies of Aristotel University of Thessaloniki from where he earned his BA degree in 1992. At the same time he took private courses in orchestral conducting with maestro Dimitri Agrafotis. From 1992 he studied orchestral conducting at Boston University of USA under David Hoose, Lukas Foss and Theodore Antoniou, graduating in 1994 with the degree of Master of Music. He is a Phd candidate in the Department of Musical Studies of University of Athens.



During his studies was member of the editorial committee and artistic director of the Journal Μουσικοτροπίες. As a violinist he was member of BU Symphony Orchestra, BU Chamber Orchestra as well member of contemporary music ensemble ALEA III. As conductor he appeared in Boston with the BU Chamber Orchestra, the BU New Music Ensemble and the BU Symphony Orchestra.  He appeared also conducting contemporary music in the "Crosscurrents" series of concerts. In Greece he appeared with the Municipal Orchestra of Thessaloniki, with the Contemporary Greek Music ensemble, the Athens State Orchestra and the Orchestra of Colours. He has also conducted opera performances, the orchestra of Modern Music of the Greek Radio – Television (ΕΡΤ), the Camerata - Orchestra of Friends of Music, the Orchestra of the Sofia Opera House and the Cairo Symphony Orchestra.



Teaching fellow at the Department of Musical Studies of Aristotel University and at the Department of Musical Science and Art of University Macedonia, as well as collaborator of many conservatoires, teaching theory, musical analysis, orchestral conducting, chorus, choral conducting, orchestration, music for theatre and cinema. Frequent collaborator with the Greek Composers Union, the journal Πολύτονο, the Athens Megaron, the Thessaloniki Megaron, the Orchestra of Colours and is connected member of Greek Society for Music Education.