.W E L C O M E  to  me .. 

I am :

Constantinos Demopoylos
From father Greek and mother Italian

Born on = May, 1, 1961

Lives in = Thessaloniki - Greece

Height = 190 cm

Body type = 88 kg

Smokes = light smoker

Drinks =  light/social drinker

Hobbies = Fly, travel, cruises, water sports.. etc..

Religion = No problem

Want Children = Yes

Education = High school graduate

Occupation = Travel Agency ( I Have 2 tourist bus)

Race = Greek-Italian (I am mixed :)

Lang Spoken = English ,Italian, Greek

What you think about life: Life is very injustice and I hate to see poor and hungry people and people without job.

What people want to contact: I like all the people from all over the world, who have sense of humour, open-minded, sociable, well-manner, nice heart and good soul. Never can hurt people like them.

What kind of people you don't like?: foxy, sneaky, hypocrite and demure.


My city:

My hobby:


Smile.. open your heart and be yourself if you want ever feel happiness!
Real treasures are in your soul. Not out!
Bilingual and infernal people never are happy, neither if they will acquire, all treasures of the world!
Never, be fanatic to anything! Fanaticism make you, blind.
Keep your conscience clear and never will be remorseful.!
If you have good soul, I feel you like my friend already and I'll be very happy to meet you, face to face too and offer you a coffee :)

If you think like me, I will very happy to meet you from whoever you are and any age you are.. child, man, woman, oldman, anybody.. :)) Send to me few words right now. I will be very happy to read them!


ICQ : 3769971