Elli Avlonitou is a family company that imports and services testing equipment in Greece and Cyprus. The company has been operating under different names since 1970 and has a well established reputation in the Greek market.

Our clients are mainly state, private and military institutions that have a quality control laboratory of some kind, large manufacturing companies with quality testing facilities, universities and in general companies with laboratory testing equipment.

The range of products we offer include quality testing equipment for:

- metals

-plastics and rubber

-various building materials such as concrete, cement, asphalt and tiles


-crude oil products.

We also offer various other laboratory equipment like:

- viscometers, cryostats and coolers

- laboratory glass.

Some of the producers we closely work with, most of which are ISO certified, include:

- the Zwick/Roell with its headquarters in Germany which consists of: Zwick GmbH & Co and Roell Amsler

- Gebrueder Haake GmbH in Germany

-Form&Test Seidner Co GmbH in Germany

-Indentec in the UK

-Albert Gnehm in Switzerland

-Normalab/Analis in France

-Bohemia Crystalex Trading a.s. in the Czech Republic

-Amarell GmbH & Co KG in Germany

-Ateliers Alla in France

-Gibitre Instruments S.r.l in Italy

-Linetronic SPA

-Gabrielli S.r.l. in Italy

-Testprint B.V. in Holland

and various others.

This is a website that gives general descriptions of the main range of apparatusses we offer and links to the producers' websites (if available) for further information. For more information please use our contact details or fill in and submit the information form in the "contact" menu.